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There is hope… there is help… you can heal.

This is our firm belief.

 We believe all trauma and abuse, including sexual, emotional, physical, satanic, ritual, and spiritual abuse, as well as abandonment and neglect, are equally abhorrent. Trauma  affects our brain’s development. We cannot just “get over it”. We cannot just “forget”. But we can heal. We just have to learn how.

All of us at the Heal For Life Foundation centres  are survivors of child abuse. We have all felt at times that life cannot go on. However each one of us has reached the point where we wanted to heal more than we wanted to stay a victim of abuse. Each of us has discovered that we can heal when we feel safe, learn to love ourselves and feel believed.

Child abuse takes so much from us, our sense of safety, our ability to laugh, our ability to easily have successful relationships. The joy of healing is the joy of discovering life can change. We can change. We don’t have to continue in the endless circle of suffering and difficulty.

Only survivors really understand, only survivors know how hard it is to face the pain and accept the truth of who abused us, particularly if the abuser was a family member.

Healing is about discovering we have choices, choice as to what we do with our lives, who we associate with, how we feel; the choice is ours and ours alone, unlike in our childhood when we had no choices at all.

Healing is about discovering we are not alone in our pain and isolation. Hundreds of thousands of people all over Australia are suffering as we have suffered. All we need to do is connect with each other and know that we are not mad, not stupid, not weak; we just suffered too much when we were children.

But take heart, this is the best time to be alive, society is beginning to listen, society is beginning to care, we can be heard, our needs are very slowly beginning to be recognized and we need to find our voice to help others and to ensure we help save the children of future generations from suffering as we have suffered.

Breaking the silence is a huge step. It starts the process of healing, it starts the process of believing our truth and it starts the process of breaking the isolation.

As long as we deny the pain we assist the pain to remain.

So, if you care about yourself, and want to take your power back, please give us a call and start your Healing Journey.

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